Jesse Brown, PhD - Assistant Professor 
Jesse joined the Seeley lab in April 2013. He has a PhD in Neuroscience from UCLA, where he worked with Susan Bookheimer and the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience. He has a BA in Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley. His graduate work focused on MRI-based structural and functional brain network analysis, applying these techniques to understanding patterns of whole brain network alteration in individuals with genetic risk for Alzheimer's Disease. He is currently developing new neuroimaging connectivity methods to monitor the progression of neurological disease spread over time. He is also working on advancing brain image visualization using gestural interaction.


Lorenzo Pasquini, PhD - Postdoctoral Fellow

Lorenzo joined the Seeley lab in November 2016 as a postdoctoral fellow. He graduated in Neuroscience and Public Health at the Ludwig-Maximilan University of Munich. He obtained a PhD from the Technical University of Munich, where he worked under the mentorship of Dr. Christian Sorg at the Neuroimaging Center, studying large-scale brain network dysfunctions in Alzheimer’s disease, with a specific focus on multimodal neuroimaging and intrinsic activity of the medial temporal lobes. Among other projects, he has collaborated with the Psychiatry Department of King’s College London on a project investigating neurological determinants of dementia in low and middle income countries (10/66 Research Group), and with the Brain Institute in Natal on a fMRI project investigating the effects of the psychedelic substance Ayahuasca on brain activity. Lorenzo’s main interests are to investigate the link between neuropathology and neuroimaging, and to develop subject tailored neuroimaging biomarkers for frontotemporal dementia.

Alex Lee - Research Associate
Alex Lee joined the lab in July 2018 as a research associate. He currently assists with data management of neuroimaging and histopathological image data as well as development and implementation of techniques for analyzing and integrating these data modalities. He graduated from Vassar College in 2014 with a degree in biology and was previously employed as a research associate at Nano Precision Medical, Inc., a company developing and testing novel technologies for implantable drug delivery devices for the treatment of diabetes.

Judith Gilkberg - Research Associate

Judith joined the lab in January 2021. She obtained her BA in Cognitive Science with a minor in Neuroscience at Occidental College in 2018. There she volunteered at a Neurobiology lab in collaboration with a team at UCLA to maintain GABA producing neuronal cultures for transplant into rodent models of sleep apnea. After graduating she began pursuing a master's degree online in Computer Systems and Health Informatics at Boston University. At the MAC Judith looks forward to contributing to neurodegenerative disease research with her programming skills, specifically by assisting with data management of both neuroimaging and histopathological image data.